Monday, October 1, 2012

Finding What Makes Me Tick!

These past couple of weeks have been so enlightening to me as an artist, student, and as a young man living on his own. I'm starting to find what makes me, me.

Last Friday, I got the opportunity to hear a little 2 hour clinic about creativity and what it really means to be an artist, from the one and only, Patrice Rushen. Please check her out if you do not know who she is or what she has done, she is one incredible lady! She was talking about time management, developing your craft, how she got started into the music biz, and how to better oneself as a growing individual. Patrice is also on the faculty of Berklee, so I hope to see her again sometime in the future, possibly a film scoring class!

Just wanted to try to get an update out. I've been incredibly busy with school work, practice, composing, and trying to stay healthy! It's tough living on your own, haha.

I'm trying to get the new cd onto CD baby and iTunes too. Still working on that.... But I do have physical copies of the cd, if anyone in Boston is looking to purchase one! Also if you're in Sedona, let me know and I will get you one! If you recognize me on the streets of Boston, let me know if you've seen my website! I'll GIVE you a cd, for FREE!

Thanks again for listening. I'll leave you with one thought: What makes you, you?


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